About me

Aleksandra Klimova was born in Kishinev, Moldova, in 1984. At the age of five she began to study piano with Prof. Anna Gorodetskaia. at Special Musical School in Kishinev and already at nine was her debut concert as soloist at the State Philharmonic.

Starting from 2001, she studied at the secondary Music School in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where Prof. S. Gadzhiev was her teacher. In 2005 she entered Graz University of Music (Austria) and became a student of a well-known Russian teacher and pianist Alexander Satz. After two years, Prof. Satz unexpectedly died and Alexandra continued her studies with Prof. E. Jakab. In 2008 and 2011, correspondingly, Aleksandra received her Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree with honors. Presently, she is going on improving her performing qualities at the chamber music department of Graz University of Music with Prof. Ch. Chou and E. Jakab.

Aleksandra is a winner of multiple National and International Competitions, including the following:

  • Piano Competition of Young Pianists in Maribor, Slovenia (1. Prize);
  • Piano Competition of Young Pianists “Marice Cheilan” in Hyeres, France ( 1.Prize);
  • Piano Competition of Young Pianists “Pro-Piano”, Bucharest, Romania ( 1.Prize);
  • Piano Competition “Karl Filtsch” in Sibiu, Romania (2.Prize and a Special Award);
  • National Competition TEMSIG, Ljubljana, Slovenia (1.Prize in the nomination “Piano Trio”);
  • Piano Competition in Bologna, Italy (1.Prize);
  • Piano Competition “Martha-Debelli” in Graz, Austria (2.Prize);
  • Piano Competition „Citta di Chioggia“ in Venice, Italy (3.Prize);
  • Piano Competition „Austria Classic Prize – Gradus ad Parnassum“, Special Prize from Raiffeisen Bank Austria und Special Prize from Steinway & Sons in Vienna, Austria;
  • Piano Competition „Jeunes Talents“ in Montrond les Bains, France (1.Prize).

She is a recipient of scholarships of various Funds and organizations, among which are:

  • The Fund of Soros, USA; DAAD Scholarship, Germany;
  • The Scholarship from “Martha-Debelli” Organization, Austria;
  • Found of President of Moldova Republic established to support young talents;
  • The Fund of the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia;
  • The Municipal Scholarship MOL for talented musicians, Slovenia.

Also, for the particular results achieved in the performing art, she was awarded "Skerjanceva Nagrada", Slovenia, followed by the program on the State TV of Slovenia about Alexandra’s creative activities.

Alexandra has regularly participated in various festivals, among which "Incontri di musica da camera” in Cividale del Friuli, Italy, “Musica in Laguna“, Venice, Italy, “New Names” Festival, Suzdal, Russia, International chamber music festival in Eilat, Israel.

She attended a great deal of master classes of the recognized pedagogues, such as Eugeniy Koroliov, Vitaly Margulis, Mikhail Voskresensky, Konstantin Scherbakov, Konstantin Bogino, Igor Hudolei and Dmitry Bashkirov. In 2008, Alexandra became a DAAD award (Germany) and was granted the attendance of 49. International Weimar Master Classes.

As soloist, she appeared with orchestras and recitals in Russia, France, Italy, Romania, Moldova, Slovenia, Spain, Germany and Austria. She regularly performs with the National Symphonic Orchestra of Moldova, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Slovenia and various orchestras in Austria.

Away from the concert platform, Aleksandra’s broadcasting experience includes studio recordings and live appearances on Austrian (ORF 1), Slovenian (RTV) and Moldova radio and television. She was interviewed a lot and her performance skills found a very positive reaction in mass media.


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